Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dealing with It

The tickets that were so generously granted to me say that I have 21 days to answer.  I figured I better start looking up other ideas on how to fashion a promising dispute letter.

Some sites that I found helpful:


This site was quite easy to read and understand, with lots of helpful examples.  I also liked the organization of the different parking tickets there are, how to appeal them, and what to do if an appeal is unsuccessful.


This site was also very easy to understand. It's sort of like a shorter overview of what to do.  I liked how it points out what strategies may be applicable in most states, since I don't have to wonder the likelihood of it applying to my own state.

Damn nuisances, these tickets. :(

On another note, I took a picture of both tickets, and upon closer inspection I realized that both tickets had an issue time of "0811." 

I guess that's not my lucky number.  And another coincidence to add: my apartment number is 811. *cue dramatic music.*

such is life I suppose.

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